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`BB 16`: Shiv`s team issues statement in response to Gunjan`s allegations

`BB 16`: Shiv`s team issues statement in response to Gunjan`s allegations

`Bigg Boss 16` contestant Vikkas Manaktala`s wife Gunjan Walia has blamed Shiv Thakare for wearing her husband`s clothes. Now, Shiv`s team issued a statement making a clarification on her allegations. Moreover, Gunjan has also taken down the tweet in which she accused Shiv of using her husband`s clothes. The official statement from his team mentioned: “Bigg Boss is over for some people, but it seems like they continue to play the game even after getting out of the house! We as Shiv`s team maintain a dignified silence on all things said by other people as we know that his fans and his people know the kind of person Shiv is, who would never stoop or even try to be a part of any frivolity.”

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“Having said that, there have been several people and the recent one being Vikkas and Gunnjan who have levied some really distasteful and derogatory allegations on Shiv. For the record, not just one or two but Shiv has a team of three stylists styling him for the show and there`s no dearth of clothes, shoes or any other necessary thing in the house.”

At last, the statement concluded with: “But without even consulting or even trying to asses the entire matter, Mrs Manatkala has gone ahead and said frivolous things for Shiv which has deeply hurt the sentiments of his fans and family. While the matter is being looked into internally, we request the media to not write anything just because they have the power to say or write so. And we will give a counter reply to this once we come to know what the exact scenario was and will surely take this in legal fashion.”

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In her tweet, Gunjan wrote: #ShivThakre…return#VikkasManaktala clothes. How can you even wear his clothes? His perfumes, his pink shirt you took and wore which I sent him in the first week. I saw all of this in the live feed. He dint get any of his clothes and now you are wearing it. #shameful” However, she has taken down this tweet and made a clarification in another tweet, saying: “I never meant to belittle anyone. I understand that it has hurt many people and hence I am taking the tweet down Love & Light.”

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