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BB16: Salman Khan to grill Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar`

BB16: Salman Khan to grill Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar`

The reality show `Bigg Boss 16` is in its last lap and the spirit of competition has heated up among the housemates, who are counting the days to the finale. In the middle of this excitement and anxiety, Dabangg host Salman Khans `Weekend Ka Vaar` brings big truth bombs. The episode captures ex-contestants Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik hitting the `vaar` stage.

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In his filmmaker element, Sajid Khan is asked to cast the contestants in the roles of hero, side hero, heroine, villain and comedian. With his brand of humour, Sajid carries out the casting in his signature hilarious way. This `vaar` gives way to a fun-filled `Long Son Short Son Show’ in which guest and megastar Salman Khan is tasked to assign each contestant the most suitable title of his movie. Shalin Bhanot earns the title of `Tubelight` and Sumbul gets `Wanted`. It will be fun to watch what titles the rest of the contestants’ garner from the host.

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The biggest fight between Shalin and Tina makes it to this vaar. Salman admonishes Shalin for trying to throw dirt on Tina by implying that she uses men to get ahead in the game. Shalin tries to defend himself by saying that Tina spoke about his ex-wife. That`s when Salman Khan warns him that he doesn`t bring things about Shalin`s ex-wife up because it can mess up his life.

The host sheds light on Tina`s conversation with Priyanka about Shalin trying to team up with her before the season began to bag the trophy. As soon as Salman probes into why Tina waited for 15 weeks to bust Shalin`s cover, she starts crying because she feels targeted. Find out the outcome of this scandalous mudda in tonight`s episode.


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