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BB16: Tina Datta and her mother have their laughter filled bonding session

BB16: Tina Datta and her mother have their laughter filled bonding session

Tina Datta and her mother have already created a huge buzz. The duo have become one of the highlights of this season. With the family week session happening currently, Tina’s mother entered the house with a jovial and soothing persona. The mother-daughter had an emotional meeting, where Tina’s mother expressed how proud she is and praised Tina. She even complimented her saying, “Joh Dus Bete Nahi Kar Sakte Voh Tumne Kiya Hai…”

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Reports state that, the mother-daughter duo were awake till 3 am and had a gala time. They had many laughing moments and spoke their hearts out. This apparently has also pumped up Tina! Tina’s mother took a beautiful Bengali saree for the actress as a gift and the actress even wore it inside. Donning her look with light bindi and heavy ear-rings.

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Tina’s mother is becoming a sensation outside and everyone has been talking about her. She misunderstood Sreejita De as Tina, and hugged her as she sang `Ekla Chalo Re` song, and this became a huge laughing moment inside as well as outside. Clearly a highlight point of this season! It would be interesting to see the Datta duo reunite in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

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