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Bigg Boss 16! A wish-granting library brings a new twist in the house

Bigg Boss 16! A wish-granting library brings a new twist in the house

Drama over food escalates to an entirely new level in Colors ‘Bigg Boss 16’ as a huge fight breaks out between Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, who are known as friends that bicker often. It all started with Priyanka kneading a separate dough for herself and Ankit because she didn`t want to have methi ka paratha for breakfast like the rest of the housemates. Archana is miffed that Priyanka saves some dough for herself for later at the expense of changing the dietary requirements of other housemates. While Priyanka has had enough of Archana`s interference in the kitchen, Archana is pleased with herself for apparently exposing Priyanka`s unfair kitchen practices. Does this big verbal spat finally mark the end of their friendship?

A magical library in the coveted house awaits a few lucky contestants, who get to choose among three exciting wishes. Entry into this library must be earned through a task that divides the house into two teams – Team White and Team Black. These teams must compete in the task that involves two members of each team making gold biscuits and the team that prepares the maximum number of biscuits wins the round. A member of the winning team will be granted access to the wish-granting library. It will be fun to see who earns library privileges and the wish they choose. 

Out of the three captains Tina Datta, Sumbul Touqeer and Soundarya Sharma, Tina presses the buzzer in the living room first. She is awarded the power to decide the next contender for captaincy among the wildcard entrants Sreejita De and Vikkas Manaktala. It will be interesting to watch Tina make this tricky decision. 

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