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Bigg Boss 16! Ankit Gupta: I feel marriages don`t function

Bigg Boss 16! Ankit Gupta: I feel marriages don`t function

Voot is all set to bring the `Bigg Boss` living room to life with a twist this season with the launch of `Bigg Buzz.` The show showcases a fictional family interacting, and playing games with the evicted and previous season`s `Bigg Boss` contestants, giving the audience unfiltered opinions and an exclusive scoop.

Ankit Gupta, who was recently booted out of the Bigg Boss House, spoke up and stated, “My journey was excellent in the programme. The majority of people thought I was drowsy and confused, but in reality, this is just how I am, and I love to be myself.” In an open discussion with Bigg Buzz host Krushna Abhishek, Ankit Gupta revealed some inside information about the household. He claimed Archana is extremely self-centered and black-hearted, that she has always betrayed her own friends, and that she always uses less-than-stellar tactics when she gets into a fight. “Even Salman Sir repeatedly admonished her about her profanity, but she persisted. She also has a habit of lying,” he said.

Ankit Gupta also shares his views on marriage during this open discussion, stating, “I don`t believe in the concept of marriage, I feel marriages don`t function. Marriage is a social institution that was developed by humans.”

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