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Bigg Boss 16! Maniesh Paul rings in Salman Khan’s birthday celebrations

Bigg Boss 16! Maniesh Paul rings in Salman Khan’s birthday celebrations

The housemates of COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ channel their inner ‘Bhaijaan’ to celebrate Dabangg host Salman Khan’s birthday along with guest for the evening Maniesh Paul on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Maniesh lends his signature humour to the ‘vaar’ and plays some fun games and engages in fun banter with Khan. Even with all the fanfare of celebrations megastar Salman makes it a point to share his insight into the behaviour of the housemates. Amidst all the drama, the sword of elimination hangs above the head of the nominated contestants.  It will be interesting to see who exits the show. Find out in tonight’s episode.
The vibe of the ‘vaar’ tenses up as Khan takes  his coat off and launches into a blitzkrieg of reality checks. He condemns contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary on her biased and unfair behaviour inside the house. Khan invites Priyanka to sit on a large chair propped  in the garden area and mocks her for thinking she’s above the rest of the housemates. The drama peaks as Salman exposes Priyanka’s hypocrisy as she defends her decision of forgoing the prize money of ₹ 25 lakhs to protect Ankit from immediate eviction.

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To lighten up the mood of the housemates, Salman Khan is joined by the television’s renowned host Maniesh Paul, who conducts a fun game of waxing with the housemates. In this game, the guys of the house must sit on a chair and the rest of the housemates are asked a question about them.  If they answer in affirmative, the one seated on the chair will be waxed. This fun game will leave the viewers in splits. This is not all.  Taking the entertainment quotient on an entirely new level, all the contestants perform to a medley of Salman Khan’s chart-topping songs on the occasion of his birthday.
After all the fun and banter, Priyanka has a breakdown and she hugs her close friend Ankit and sobs continuously. Ankit tries his best to console her, but she seems shattered. To know what transpired between the two, catch the episode tonight.


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