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Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare exposed Priyanka Chahar’s double standards

Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare exposed Priyanka Chahar’s double standards

Shiv Thakare, who`s emerging as the most beloved contestant in the ongoing season of the reality show Bigg Boss. The latter has been proving his mettle since day one and is being termed as the Mastermind of Bigg Boss for his strong headed game. In yesterday’s episode, Bigg Boss gave Shalin Bhantot a task wherein he was being told that he can get his friend Tina back but he will have to give up the remaining 25 lakhs from the prize money and Shalin chose to bring back Tina.

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Post which, Shalin was seen saying that he’ll give 25 lacs to the winner to which Shiv Thakare responded that, “We’re here to win not take money from you.” Later in the same episode, Priyanka Chahar was seen supporting Shalin for his decision. Infuriated Shiv Thakare exposed Priyanka’s double standards as she was the one who was against Sajid when he chose to save Sumbul when they first lost 25 lacs from the prize money.

Even `Bigg Boss` agreed with what Shiv said and was seen supporting Shiv’s statement against Priyanka. 

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Speaking about Shiv, one may remember that just a few days back, there was a huge uproar amongst the netizens who felt that he was being sidelined by the makers in the show. Even Shekhar Suman went onto say that, “I have immense admiration for Shiv but the format prevents me from praising openly”. This had happened when someone took to social media and tagged Shekhar while addressing the issue of Shiv being sidelined.

The inimitable Shekhar had replied to the user stating, “I have immense respect and admiration for Shiv the way he is playing but all that remains in my heart.The format prevents me from praising anyone openly. But otherwise I do praise them off the record wen I`m recording. unfortunately it gets edited out.”



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