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Bigg Boss 16! Tina Datta takes offense to Shiv Thakare calling her `dear`

Bigg Boss 16! Tina Datta takes offense to Shiv Thakare calling her `dear`

Drama peaks to an entirely new level on `Bigg Boss 16` as the drill for captaincy and nominations unfold in the coveted house. Upon being asked to choose the next captain, Rani of the house by ‘Bigg Boss’, Shiv Thakare issues the name of Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Instantly, chaos erupts with Tina Datta contending that she wants to be the captain and blames a few contestants for betraying her. Tina confronts Nimrit saying that she sided with her for captaincy and the latter confesses that she cannot announce publicly that she will not perform any of the tasks to the best of her ability.

Not long ago, most of the contestants of the house came to a consensus that birthday girl Tina Datta will get her birthday gift – captaincy. Shiv Thakare introduces a change of plans by electing Nimrit as the next captain and he has no qualms about rubbing the betrayal in Tina`s face. Provoked to the hilt, Tina is enraged and takes offense to Shiv calling her `dear`. With a ruined birthday, Tina is upset that no one checks up on her to find out how she`s doing. Will Tina ever get to fulfill her wish?

After the heat of captaincy, the dreaded nominations task witnesses the house being turned into a war zone divided into `Team of 4` and `Team of 7`. The task involves a spinning wheel that decides which team member gets to nominate a member of the opposite team. The destined member must nominate a member of the opposite team by aiming a dart at their picture on the dartboard and stating their reason for nominating them. The darted (nominated) member is to be blown by a grenade. A series of explosions happen in the war zone of ‘Bigg Boss’. It will be interesting to see who is safe and nominated this week.

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