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Bigg Boss 16: Will justice prevail in Shehensha`s durbar in tonight’s episode?

Bigg Boss 16: Will justice prevail in Shehensha`s durbar in tonight’s episode?

The threat of eviction makes the housemates of `Bigg Boss 16` claustrophobic with a fiery nomination drill. India`s favourite reality show brings Shehensha`s durbar which has a grand chandelier looming in the centre of its activity room and unfinished walls at the edges. Each contestant must stand behind the wall assigned to them, nominate two contestants, and state their reasons while adding a brick towards the completion of the wall. Those with the most finished-looking wall stand nominated for eviction. It will be interesting to see who gets enclosed within the walls of the durbar and who will be set free.

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The wrath of `Bigg Boss` rains down on captains Soundarya Sharma and Sreejita De who are punished for playing with the buzzer with lost immunity against eviction during the nomination drill. The third captain of the week, MC Stan gets a special power to directly nominate one housemate for eviction after the nominations task. The rapper shocks everyone by nominating Tina Datta and the reason he cites is that he thinks she went back on her words after vowing to teach Shalin a lesson for betraying her. A disgruntled Tina says that MC Stan wears a mask along with all his jewellery.

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The rapper is quick to parry the blow by asserting that it`s as expensive as her house. Shalin, who has a soft corner for Tina intervenes in the heated argument, and soon after the rapper and Shalin start trading insults and threats. This isn`t their first fight and only time will tell if it`s their last.

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