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Bigg Boss: 5 times Salman Khan proved he is one of the best host on Indian TV

Bigg Boss: 5 times Salman Khan proved he is one of the best host on Indian TV

Ever since Salman Khan took up charge of the most popular non-fiction television reality show, Bigg Boss, its popularity has been on a constant rise. He is a host who not only made this reality show top among all but he profoundly owned his presence on the stage in a manner that no one can now own. Be it the audience or the contestants, Salman has garnered love from all across. Having booked a special place in the heart of the million for his nature in the real life, his nature on the stage of Bigg Boss is a sheer replica. From sharing a great bond with the contestants to crying to consoling them to teaching them a lesson, Salman has indeed proved strong in every mettle as a host. This has made him the most loved host on television. 

Having paved a long journey on the grounds of Bigg Boss, there has been plenty of times that stand as evidence of proving Salman Khan the best host on television. 

1. Salman Khan bringing a gift for Abdu Rozik

Well-versed with every need and wish of the contestants, Salman truly left the Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik with an absolute surprise when he sent a gift to Abdu in the house that opened up to be a set of 2 kg dumbbells. Having received the gift from the host on a special episode of `Shukravaar Ka Vaar`, a big smile on the face of Abdu said it all about his extreme joy. 

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2. Salman Khan cleaned Rakhi Sawant`s bed

Standing against injustice is a duty of a host and Salman proved it all when he went inside the house in Bigg Boss 14 and wrapped up Rakhi Sawant`s blanket, arranged items lying on it, and cleaned random particles when Nikki Tamboli who was assigned that task refused to do it. This certainly came as a big lesson to all the contestants from the host that all are equal in the house and have to do the work that is assigned to them. 

3. Salman Khan completed 10 years
It`s the sheer epitome of the love and affection that Salman Khan has earned having served the Bigg Boss as a host for such a long time. Marking the completion of his 10 years on the show, a video dedicated to him compiling all the memories left the superstar in tears. 

4. Salman Khan being called the Zabardast host by Shah Rukh Khan

It was in Bigg Boss 9, when the two biggest superstars of the country and the best friends, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were present on the stage of Bigg Boss and SRK was seen saying `Bigg Boss has got permanent zabardast host` which was further agreed by the audience with their huge round of applause. 

5. A tribute to Salman Khan by the contestants

Taking a perfect opportunity to express their love to their beloved host, the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 danced to the famous songs of the superstar on the occasion of his birthday. This is a sheer affection of the contestants towards Salman Khan that they celebrated his birthday on the show while making him feel the most special one on his birthday.5 moments from Bigg Boss when Salman Khan truly set an example for being the best host of the television

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