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Nominations and race for ticket to finale amps up the thrill on ‘Bigg Boss 16`

Nominations and race for ticket to finale amps up the thrill on ‘Bigg Boss 16`

The competition for ticket to finale on Colors` ‘Bigg Boss 16’ beefs up the drama and entertainment. Amid the ambition to win the season, the contestants are given the opportunity to steal captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia`s ticket to finale with a report card task. To dismiss Nimrit’s ticket, the housemates are required to take a ring from a rectangular board placed in the living room for every violation of rules that occurred during her captaincy. If the number of violations cited hit the count of 10 , then Nimrit`s ticket to the finale stands revoked. It would be intriguing to watch whether Nimrit can protect her ticket and what happens if she fails to do so.

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Bringing an inventive twist to the nominations, ‘Bigg Boss’ commands the housemates to put two blood-dipped bricks into a makeshift well for thirsty crows in the name of two contestants they want to be evicted citing a reason. This task led to an ugly spat between Priyanka and Sumbul. It all starts Sumbul nominating Priyanka for her maintaining a fake image of ‘sachai ki murat’ based on her convenience. This inspires a strong and defensive reaction from Priyanka after which Sumbul has a breakdown while venting out. As the allegations get scathing, it remains to be seen who gets nominated so close to the finale. 

The drama peaked in the episode when Shalin badmouths Tina in the company of Priyanka and the mandali. He declares that she had humanity, she would have realised that he is missing home after so many days of staying enclosed in the house instead of condemning him. Nimrit then ridicules Tina for requesting ‘Bigg Boss’ to send her soup because she’s on a liquid diet owing to her ongoing dental treatment. Most of the people in the discussion agree that she’s being fussy. Will this conversation hinder Priyanka’s bond with Tina? Only time will tell. 


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