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Shiv Thakare’s generosity gets wrong fully targeted by Soundarya Sharma

Shiv Thakare’s generosity gets wrong fully targeted by Soundarya Sharma

After having won ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’ Shiv Thakare is seemingly knowing all the nitty-gritties of the ongoing game of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. With each passing day, he is only bettering his game, which is pretty evident from the fact that many of his co-contestants have already started terming and treating him like a big threat to the big win.

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While the contestants fighting over the smallest of things in the ‘Bigg Boss’s house is nothing new but Shiv Thakare has time and again said that he doesn’t like fighting over food and he never makes an issue out of it. But in the recent episode, Soundarya Sharma forced everyone to give her the tofu from their ration because she’s a vegan. Shiv Thakare happily gave Soundarya all the tofu that he had in his ration.

While talking about Soundarya’s forced demand with Ankit, Shiv said “I know and understand that she is vegan but she cannot force everyone to give her their food as if it is her right. Everyone has their protein requirements but that doesn’t mean we can force anyone for it, we’ll will have to manage with what I have. I happily gave my tofu to her but that doesn’t mean everyone will.”

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Later, Ankit went and wrongly reiterated what Shiv said which lead to Soundarya giving back the tofu to Shiv and hurled ill words at Shiv without even knowing the real facts. Shiv Thakare, yet again maintained his dignified demeanor by keeping calm and rightfully handling the situation.

This action of Shiv earned him praises from many. One such person was the former Bigg Boss’s contestant Manu Punjabi, who appreciated Shiv’s stance in the episode by saying, “What Shiv said was very apt and on point”. Not just him, there were many netizens who hailed him for the same.



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