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Tuesday Trivia: Farah Khan reveals her life’s turning point

Tuesday Trivia: Farah Khan reveals her life’s turning point

That Farah Khan is an exceptional choreographer is something everyone knows. Success did not come easy to her nor it came on a on a golden platter. She HAD to work her way to the top of the success ladder. But, did you know what was the turning point in Farah Khan’s professional life! By her own admission, its was when she met the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, when he had come to India.

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Farah Khan had posted the adjoining photograph on social media in which she can be seen posing with the (late) Michael Jackson. Farah captioned the post as, “My guru.. turning point of my life happened when i saw Thriller.. got to meet him in NY 1999.. still to get over that experience.. happy birthday #michealjackson .. #inspiration #kingofpop”.

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Speaking of Farah Khan, she was recently seen in the ‘Family episode’ of `Bigg Boss 16,` wherein her brother Sajid Khan is presently inside the house as a contestant.



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