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Watch video! Shirley Setia and Jvke perform `Golden Hour`

Watch video! Shirley Setia and Jvke perform `Golden Hour`

Actor, singer and influencer Shirley Setia recently teamed up with American singer-songwriter Jvke who entered the Billboard hot 100 with `Golden Hour.` The duo perform the hit number in an interview with Shirley also spoke about making her Telugu and Hindi acting debut this year, while Jvke opened up on his collaboration with Charlie Puth.

Speaking about the collaboration Jvke said, “Somebody connected us and we were looking to infuse some new cultural ideas for `Golden Hour.` We connected with Shirley and we loved what she did, she absolutely killed it.”

Shirley added, “I`ve heard a lot of his songs and everyone has heard `Golden Hour.` I like a lot of his other songs too especially `This is what heartbreak feels like.` I`ve heard quite a few of his songs and when I found out Jvke and his team were looking to give an Indian touch to `Golden Hour` we thought what could be a better opportunity! That`s what we tried with our version. We added a new verse and made it more conversational, with his parts and then there`s the girl singing for him. I love this instrument called `sarangi` so what better way than to add it to the song!”

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